Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cooking and Photography

You may ask , what it have to do with photography? At first you would think not much. How to explain the most important concepts of photography using the analogy from cooking!

In each dish , you put the pot on the stove or in oven, set temperatue and heat it for some time. In the end, you can get food that is cooked properly and ready to eat. Or ... if you're not so good in your assessment or not experienced, you will end up with half-cooked food and raw or cooked and burnt.

The most important concept of photography is to get proper exposure ( perfect exposure ) on your images. Exposure is basically the amount of light that allows you to reach your camera sensor. Getting the proper exposure is like cooking. You allow too much light and most of the picture will be overexposed like the food will be burned with too much heat. On the other hand, if you do not allow enough light, your picture will be underexposed as not applying enough heat to your dish will be left half done.

Now I am not a cook, but I can tell you there are many ways to burn the food :-)

  • Set the temperature higher then needed
  • Leave the pot on the stove for a long time
  • This also depends on what you're cooking, the rice will burn faster then many other foods
  • One of these settings will produce a total of more applied heat to the food it needs.

In Photography, there are analog settings if not straightened out, would produce a more open image.

  • Aperture: The size of the hole that opens in your main camera lens, which will allow light to be exposed on film. Just as the temperature control knob on the hot stove will allow more or less, setting the shutter speed will allow more or less light in. If you leave it open more fully you can expose your film.
  • Shutter speed: The amount of time you leave the shutter open to let light in your film is exposed. If you leave the shutter open for a long time is needed, will overexpose your film, such as leaving food on the stove will burn longer.
  • Film Speed: Sensitivity of the film you use. More sensitive to capture light more films in less time than with less sensitive film. This is similar to using a very thin Pan through most of the heat into the food. It can burn your food if you're not careful.

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