Wednesday, June 16, 2010

11 Great Shots Your Town Is Hiding

  1. Details and abstracts
    here's a theme that you can shoot locally in any type of weather . Using a portrait lens or telephoto zoom , crop in and fill the frame on all the colourful patterns and textures you can find that make intresting abstract compositions in their own right.

  2. Stunning Architecture
    Most buildings have something photogenic to commed them , from the shiny new office block to the dilapidated garden shed. In the right light they can all look amazing

  3. Parks & Wildlife
    A wild space or park in which to sit or walk and get some fresh air away from the din of traffic. These greens oases are perfect as weekday fix for the frustrated wildlife and landscape photographer who cant get out into the wilderness until the weekend

  4. Sacred Places
    Nearly everyone has a photo of a church or graveyard in the collection . These scared ancient buildings are full of picture potential - from a colourful stained glass windows to spooky infrared shots on stormy days , gargoyles , doorways and religious details shots

  5. Bustling Markets
    These noisy , busy centres of commerce are crammed with colourfull stalls , interesting characters and delicious fressh produce to buy and ofcourse , to photograph

  6. Signs & Shops
    Look for intriguing signange , typography and unusual window displays; ignore chain stores , independent are where it's at ! frame your shot from across the street using the long end of a standard zoom - timing it to avoid delivery trucks.
  7. Pub portraits
    Chat up the locals and offer few drinks in exchange for portraits. Avoid using your builtin camera flash , it will cause hard shadows.
  8. Sport Events
    Get down to the local sports ground with your superzoom for frame filling shots. If light is low , set a wide aperture and boos the ISO to 400 or beyond for a shutter speed fast enough to freeze the action at aroung 1/500sec or faster

  9. Historic Waterways
    a glance at your local OS map should reveal potential locations and subjects, such as bridges , aquaducts and marinas. Try a panning shot. Set a relatively low shutter speed to follow a boat's movement and record background as a blur. Or perhaps , create silhouette the boat agains the sunset.

  10. Nightlife
    Many key buildings - churches , town hall etc are lit up at night. Use a tripod and cable release for best results , metering off the illuminated building at dusk and making a series of bracketed exposures to make sure you have a good range of tones with over/under exposure.

  11. Stop a Stranger
    The candid approach for street portraits has faillen out of favour recently.Look for asuitable location and work handheld to keep the sponteous feel

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