Thursday, February 25, 2010

5 simple tips photographing people

Photographing people - at home and abroad - is not for the faint-hearted. In light of the ever-increasing stigma surrounding photographers that take their cameras out in public places, we seem to have reached a situation where we're made to feel guilty for taking photos , event if we're not doing anything wrong.

Here are some tips:
  1. Be friendly : when approaching people whether at home or abroad , be friendly and open
  2. Know when to back down : dont be upset a refusal - just try someone else
  3. Learn the language : learn a few basic words in the country you're travelling to. Please and thank you go a long way
  4. Understand the culture : research into local customs is useful
  5. Fill the frame : get as close as possible to the subject

Photography Tips

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How to pick the right bag for photographer

  1. Decide how you plan to carry your camera gear. If you shoot outdoor a lot and movement is high on your requirement list , a backpack could be a better choice
  2. How much protection does your gear need ? sometimes , a bag can be overbuilt for your requirements. Heavy bags will only slo you down and cause fatigue. A waterproof cover will be a abtter option than waterproof zips which can be a two-handed affair to open

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Amazing 10 inspirational silhouette photos

What is composition in photography

Composition is the art of planning or arrangine the visual elements within a photograph for deliverate effect. Its a crucial aspect of photography that can make an image look more appealing and powerful, also helping the photograph tell a visual story. Aspect of composition include line , shape,texture, colour, light and pattern. When arranged attractively , such element will reveal a balance , harmonious result.

Should i buy a kit lens ?

Depends on your need. There will be always Pros and Cons for buying it. Here is some that i know:

  • Cheap ! Good value if you're on a budget.
  • Good usable zoom range - you would never need to change lenses for a lot of occasions

Use map and compass to improve your landscape photo

If you have a good map and know which building you want to photograph, check out which way it faces before setting off. West facing means sunset; east -facing means sunrise. Southerly facing buildings are photographable all day but north-facing buildings rarely see any sun, depending on the time of year and exact orbit the sun takes during the day. Some buildings may only have sun on them for afew short weeks of the year. Preparation will allow you to have a much higher success rate.

The Pentax K7 - sharper , faster and smaller

With many features, its hard to describe the K-7 in just three words. The 14.6 megapixel CMOS sensor, 11 point wide-frame AutoFocus system and 77-segment metering systems assure superior resolution and exposure control. Quite fast 5 frame per second shooting and top shutter speed of 1/8000sec . Ensure we capture all the action with ease while LiveView and HD movie capture with HDMI interface enhance your shooting experience.

One of the smallest bodies in its class, the K-7s durable magnesium body with a rugged stainless steel chassis and full weather resistand, dustproof and coldproof design makes it the ideal choice for shooting in almost any enviroment.