Sunday, June 20, 2010

DOF Calculator For Blackberry

Depth of Field: The zone, or range of distances, within a scene that will record as sharp ... It is one of the most creative and profound effects available to photographers. (George Schaub, 2003)
There are some ways to use your Blackberry phone as DOF calculator :
  • The simplest way of course by navigating to DOFMaster . Open your BB browser and go to the site . I cant find a mobile version site ( WAP ) so if you know one , please share !
  • Download this blackberry app , FREE , Blackberry Depth of Field Calculator by . I've tried this app and i am not disappointed at all . Usefull stuff !!

  • Or, buy this commercial app on Blackberry App World . Depth Of Calculator by GLN LLC . Check it here . "Calculate the Depth of Field for a camera (including DSLR) and lens combinations. Calculates the hyperfocal distance of the selected camera/lens."

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  1. Your suggestion for a depth of field calculator can help with portrait photographs as I mentioned in my reply to your question at Lenses for Portraits