Monday, June 7, 2010

Types of Photo Insurance

Lets get to know types of insurance . Select one that suit your need.

  • Household: cover our gear at home but not out of it and usually to aset single item limit. Check your level of cover if in doubt , but adding single items can be more expensive than a dedicated policy particularly if you make a claim , as the following year's premiums may rise
  • Trave: slightly better cover offered but still usually limited to a set value per single item claim. Check for cover unattended in a vehicle overnight , for example, and single item claim limits. Ok for smaller cameras maybe , but not for valuable DSLR systems
  • Dedicated : cover can be tailored to suit the level of kit and work you do with it. Often seems the pricier option but can include vital third-party liability and indemnity cover. It will cover accidental damage, theft out of the box and usually travel abroad as well. Worlwide cover can be an additional extra. All photographers must consider this as a must-have item if the take any form payment for photography.

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