Thursday, May 27, 2010

What the heck is Aperture ??

mengenal aperture

In photography, the lens aperture functions like the iris of the human eye. Opening and closing to adapt changing light levels. The aperture opens wide to admit more light in low-light situations and closes down to a pinhole when the light gets bright.

With oder cameras , the photographer often had to adjust the aperture setting manually for each shot. However , modern , auto-exposure , digital cameras typically set the aperture automatically to produce the correct exposure as indicated by the cameras built in light meter. But just because we dont have to actively manipulate aperture values doesnt mean that we should ignore the aperture component of your exposures completely.

The aperture setting control the amount of light passing through the lens by adjusting the sizeo of an opening in a diaphragm poisitioned between the lens element. Opening it wider allows more light to pass through the lens. Conversely, reducing its size wil restrict the light going through the lens to image sensor.

Besides regulating the amount of light that passes through camera lens during an exposure , aperture also controls the depth of field (DOF). By changing it it can cause dramatic changes in your images. DOF is the area in a lens field of view where obhects appear acceptably sharp. Objects within the depth of field zone appear sharp. While objects outside the depth of field appear visibly blured. In order to control depth of field in your photo , we must control the aperture. Therefore, aperture selection becomes a balancing act btween exposure and depth of field consideration. Aperture is not just an exposure regulator anymore.

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