Thursday, October 7, 2010

Nikon D7000 Price With 18-105mm Lens Kit

Nikon D7000 Price With 18-105mm Lens Kit
Major online retailer like amazon is selling the Nikon D7000 including the 18-105mm lens kit at a low price of $1,499 and it also comes with free shipping within the United States. Since the total price is more than $25, you will automatically qualify for super saver shipping. After confirmation, the camera will be delivered within 5-9 business days.

If you want faster shipping, you can sign up for the amazon prime free trial and you can get unlimited free two day shipping when you order the nikon D7000.

Photography Tips
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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Texture and Contrast

You need the contrast of light and shadow to record texture. Light striking a subject from an andle accentuates the surface, defining all its bumps , hairs or ridges. If the light is strong and low , the texture will be more pronounced in your photograph. Using this type of light, for example, you can show the roughness of sandstone or the coarseness of weathered wood to create a photograph with a greater vsual dimension.

green wall- free texture

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Discover Your Personal Style

Your photography may already have a style. To find out, gather a large collection of your prints or slides and analyze them carefully. Find the common factors in the photographs. Do you gravitate toward close-ups or landscapes. Are your landscapes only of natural subjects or do you photograph scenics that include manmade objects ? Do you use your wide-agle or your telephoto lens more often? Do yourphototographs portray a message ? If so , is there a common message underlying your works. Make a list of chracteristics that stand out to you. As someone ou trust if they see a common denominator in your photographs. The process will also help you discover favorite techniques , view-points , colors or subjects. You'll see where you've been and perhaps where youre going with our vision.

Jo vull que siguis gran

Photography Tips
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Monday, August 23, 2010

Power Of Photography

Photographs can take us to a time and place where it was possible for us to be there. It is through photographs where we can reminisce the good memories of the "old days" or perhaps the most memorable events in our lives like a wedding, graduation and of course prom night. I am sure that we are all familiar with the photograph which caught the world's attention and gave it a title "The Kiss".

Composition: blue in the spiral

It was taken by a German immigrant named Alfred Eisenstaedt at the Times Square on August 14, 1945 after Japan's announcement which means the end of the second world war. Another memorable photograph is called the "Migrant Mother" it was taken during the great depression which captures a worried looking mother with three children with her. The woman was known to be Florence Owens Thompson and the picture was taken in California during the great depression around February 1936 which clearly depicts the hard times.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Properties Of Color

The brightest of all colors, emit light in a photograph. These color pop visually when set against any other color except white. Yellow emotionally aggressive and energetic, radiating warmth, and a strong light. Becauase yellow was so visually powerful, it can dominate the composition, although it appears only a small portion of the frame.

Red and Yellow Hibiscus, The Rose Garden, Bangkok, Thailand

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Color Harmony In Photography

Color harmony is important in photography , even if we dont always get to choose the colors of our scene. For every color, there is an opposite color and the two form a complementary pair. On the color wheel , orange sits opposite blue , vioelts sits opposite yellow and green sits opposite red.

Colorful Singapore

Favorite Photo Of The Day

IMG_9861 original

Photography Tips
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Monday, August 9, 2010

Chiaroscuro in Outdoor Photography

The more technical use of the term chiaroscuro is the effect of light modelling in painting, drawing or printmaking, where three-dimensional volume is suggested by the value gradation of colour and the analytical division of light and shadow shapes - often called "shading". The invention of these effects in the West, "skiagraphia" or "shadow-painting" to the Ancient Greeks, was traditionally ascribed to the famous Athenian painter of the 5th century BC, Apollodoros. Although virtually no Ancient Greek painting survives, their understanding of the effect of light modelling can still be seen in the late 4th century BC mosaics of Pella, Macedonia, in particular the Deer Hunt, in the House of the Abduction of Helen, inscribed gnosis epoesen, or 'knowledge did it'.

A Razor to the Sky

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Perspective Tip on Outdoor Photography

To create more dynamic outdoor photographs , use the characteristics of perspective to describe relationships of size and depth.
Move in close an object to exaggerate its size on the frame compared to the background elements. Try framing a background subject with a foreground element to give your image a greater feeling of depth. Once you understand the power of perspective and how to alter it , you have another creative tool for giving your images greater visual depth.

Disney - A Magical Kingdom (Explored)