Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Properties Of Color

The brightest of all colors, emit light in a photograph. These color pop visually when set against any other color except white. Yellow emotionally aggressive and energetic, radiating warmth, and a strong light. Becauase yellow was so visually powerful, it can dominate the composition, although it appears only a small portion of the frame.

Red and Yellow Hibiscus, The Rose Garden, Bangkok, Thailand

bold and energetic, and express energy, strength and vitality. Blood is red and so did stop signs and warning signs. Bright or dark red flowers almost seem to pulse when they are in a bunch of flowers. When set against cool colors like green or blue, red face visual and kinetic energy. Like Yellow, red, can dominate the photo even if required only a small portion of the frame.

The Spring Archives present 'Warm Red Tulips' on a cold, wet and miserable Sunday in late November

active not as yellow or red and often described as calm color.Blue implying coolness, sometimes even cold. Blue could receive a fine quality. It expresses a meditative atmosphere and can also lead to feelings of loneliness. Blue color could easily dominate the other attractive, but remain in the background when the yellow and read about.

Eyes too expressive to be blue

Photography Tips
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