Monday, August 23, 2010

Power Of Photography

Photographs can take us to a time and place where it was possible for us to be there. It is through photographs where we can reminisce the good memories of the "old days" or perhaps the most memorable events in our lives like a wedding, graduation and of course prom night. I am sure that we are all familiar with the photograph which caught the world's attention and gave it a title "The Kiss".

Composition: blue in the spiral

It was taken by a German immigrant named Alfred Eisenstaedt at the Times Square on August 14, 1945 after Japan's announcement which means the end of the second world war. Another memorable photograph is called the "Migrant Mother" it was taken during the great depression which captures a worried looking mother with three children with her. The woman was known to be Florence Owens Thompson and the picture was taken in California during the great depression around February 1936 which clearly depicts the hard times.

And who could forget the Afghan girl which was featured in the National Geographic? it was taken by Steve McCurry, a photographer of National Geographic. But of all the millions of famous photographs taken around the globe there is this one photo which depicted a monk in flames, it was the "Burning Monk". The monk is fighting for equality and justice. A photograph is more than just a still-image: it can help millions of people. It can bring compassion, justice, awareness and love.

In our lives there are also important milestone which sometimes will never come again.; weddings, your daughter's debut, prom night, your children's baptismal and even family reunions. And one way of making sure that those happy memories last for a lifetime is by taking a photograph. Some people are fond of taking photos while others just do not have the time and the heart of it but not appreciating photography should not stop you from keeping memories through snapshots of photographs. These days there are many professional photographers who are more than willing to take your pictures. You can even search online if you want to hire or look for a good photographer.

Just be sure that you ask for their portfolio and know how much they charge. It would be better to do a comparison between two or more photography studios so that you will have a better chance of getting the best photographer. This way, you have the chance to see the real value behind the packages they offer.

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