Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pattern In Photography : Inspiration

Pattern forms when such elements as shapes , lines or colors repeat within a scene and it amplifies the significance of each individual element. When you have three or more similaar elements in your image , a pattern emerges. But i've never found that just three rocks , tress or blossoms or three of anything else , create a strong pattern , even if they are identical. By the same token , an image filled with a variety of patterns can lose impact. But an image of , say , a field of wild flowers in which only one or two types of flowers are repeated in your frame can be very strong.

Rainbow of Peace




3D matrix

Soldiers of faith

shopping carts

'Old boots' at dusk

fake plastic trees

Vineyard in Vienna

Ripples in the Sand

now you see it... now you don't

Abstract(Yellow wall 1)


All Tied Up

Reflection in & out

Disconnected continuity

Lots of windows in lots of windows

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