Thursday, February 25, 2010

How to pick the right bag for photographer

  1. Decide how you plan to carry your camera gear. If you shoot outdoor a lot and movement is high on your requirement list , a backpack could be a better choice
  2. How much protection does your gear need ? sometimes , a bag can be overbuilt for your requirements. Heavy bags will only slo you down and cause fatigue. A waterproof cover will be a abtter option than waterproof zips which can be a two-handed affair to open
  3. Combination of strong stitching and comfortable harness is essential. The last thing you need is a failure , leaving you to handle your gear manually.
  4. Check for quality zips and buckles; the will be the first components that fail
  5. also dont forget that a shoulder bag/backpack can be stored inside a hardcase to double up the carrying options

Photography Tips

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