Sunday, September 5, 2010

Texture and Contrast

You need the contrast of light and shadow to record texture. Light striking a subject from an andle accentuates the surface, defining all its bumps , hairs or ridges. If the light is strong and low , the texture will be more pronounced in your photograph. Using this type of light, for example, you can show the roughness of sandstone or the coarseness of weathered wood to create a photograph with a greater vsual dimension.

green wall- free texture

Diffuse light often works better for softer textures. If you want to show the softness of a meadow of grasses , for instance , you should probably choose soft light. THere is an approriate way to use lighting to emphasize each type of texture, and by looking at how different types of light affect textures you will arrive at the right way to photograph them.

wall texture

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